Courtney Bailey is fifty-four and has lived in Islington, London, for twenty-five years. During that time he has made significant contributions to the surrounding Communities there, primarily Finsbury Park, in terms of personal and professional commitments to individuals, local Businesses and the Anglican Church. He was, for example, instrumental, in his role as Vice- Chairman of the Finsbury Park Business Forum, in the acquisition of £25 million from the London Development Agency (LDA) for the regeneration of Finsbury Park. His efforts in bringing together the local Businesses of Finsbury Park to petition for Government help was a main factor in the eventual granting of the money. Courtney went on to become the Chairman of the Business Forum when former Chairman, Paul Morris (OBE), stood down. The Business Forum is the local Chambers of Commerce and a non-profit charity organisation that offers Business advice and partakes in and initiates Community Projects.

Besides being a selfless and conscientious citizen who likes to help and inspire those around him, Courtney also harbours a strong creative impulse that he exercises when compelling ideas take hold of his imagination. One such idea resulted in the Waranlinc Environmental Generator, the culmination of twenty-five years of trial and error, and a testament to the tenacity Courtney frequently displays in his quest to attain a particular goal.

From the above it should seem evident that Courtney is a dedicated, highly-motivated individual with many capabilities, and an independent spirit who regards his own personal and spiritual growth as of equal importance to his success in Business.


Malcolm Maclellan is a capable and knowledgeable individual who has worked in the field of Insurance since 1985, with a particular emphasis on Accounts and Technical Claims. He also possesses a wealth of experience working in Multi-Million World-Wide Insurance Programmes. Prior to entering the field of Insurance Malcolm’s work experience included positions in the Offshore Oil, Construction and Property Development Industries. He is a Graduate of Glasgow University, with a Degree in Chemistry.


Mr Ibrahim Ali, prior to his appointment as Research and Development Executive for Senitron, worked for Reliance Security as an Operations Supervisor. He will be working alongside the C.E.O, Courtney Bailey, at all stages of development of the Prototype to ensure the correct functioning and operating parameters of all parts of the Generator as they are developed and tested, also providing progress reports on a Quarterly basis. He will also be responsible for the Export of parts to their various and correct locations around the world.


Leslie Casemore is 49 and grew up in a small Village in the County of Hertfordshire, England. He has worked at the Finsbury Park Business Forum for about five years now, his efforts focused on various Business and Community Projects. He writes much of the material for the Business Forum and for Senitron, for whom he is the Administrative Executive. He has worked previously as a Teaching Assistant and for Royal Mail. In his free time he enjoys reading and walking around London and is currently taking the first tentative steps towards writing his first novel. He has a Diploma in English from Ruskin College, Oxford and a Degree in English Literature and Creative Writing from London Metropolitan University. He lives in Haringey, North London with his many books.