SENITRON - Innovative Technology

Senitron Research and Development is a company that has invested a considerable amount of time, effort and money into developing a unique technology aptly suited to meet the energy demands of the twenty-first century, while simultaneously focusing on the growing need for green energy technologies. The Kinmech Generator is being developed with these paramount concerns in mind. As a company we believe strongly in innovation, but we also acknowledge past accomplishments: extant technology, even if centuries old, can still inspire new directions, new avenues of exploration. And that, essentially, is what the Kinmech Generator embodies: a completely new technology readapted from one of the oldest and most familiar and dependable energy-producing technologies – the Water-Wheel. There are always lessons to be learned from the past that can help us to shape the future, but also innovations that are firmly grounded in the present. Whatever the inspiration or provenance of innovation we at Senitron are committed to an ethos that satisfies customer requirements and the wider general public and to this end we are dedicated to providing cheap, clean and efficient methods of energy-production. In our pursuit of excellence and innovation we believe that we have a responsibility to create technology that is of benefit to mankind and not a hazard.